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My Dog looks forward to his walks and it keeps him fit. I can no longer exercise him as I'm in my nineties, so I depend on Jaime's help. She is so very reliable and she even helps with my shopping and things around the house.

Margaret 27/01/21

Thank you so much for all Luna's lovely walks, it is so lovely seeing all the pics and videos, she looks like she has the most amazing time with you all and it is so comforting to know that she is happy whilst we are working.

Hannah 31/1/21

"Thank you Jaime! Stan always loves his walks with you but we don't know what we would have done without you during this time.  You are always trustworthy and reliable and we really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to help.  We cannot recommend you highly enough!"

Rachel 26/01/21

We couldn't be happier with the service Dog Days provides.  Jaime is really reliable and Bosun always comes back looking like he's had a great run.  We love the small group walks and its brilliant seeing the variety of places he visits on Instagram, with him galloping around looking utterly delighted with life!

Liv 25/01/21

Thank you as always! Monty is such a social, energetic dog so he loves his time with dog days.  He always comes home worn out when he's been with the wonderful Jaime.  He loves getting to run around with the other dogs in all the gorgeous places she takes them and we love seeing the photos! x

Megan 3/02/21

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